Necessity is the mother of invention

So one of my very best friends has been encouraging me to make outfits for American Girl, Our Generation, and other 18″ dolls. She says that the outfits fly off the tables at the craft shows. So I decided to give my hand to try and make some outfits. OMG can I tell you they are stinking adorable, I am so hooked! The dresses are just so cute and they make up really fast. The shoes are to die for. There are so many accessories to make. The one thing that can be really frustrating though is that when you think you’re going to find a cute pattern on Pinterest you find somebody selling an outfit instead. Case in point, I’m trying to find swimsuit patterns for the upcoming summer season. All I’m finding is sold out swimsuits for sale. So here I am making my own patterns to make swimsuits and patterns to sell. So far Brian and I think I’m doing a pretty darn good job. This is a look into what creating a pattern takes. Lots of trial and error, lots of scribbling down on pieces of paper you have on hand no matter where you’re at, carrying a naked doll with you everywhere and just general chaos…kind of like my life. Hopefully everyone will like my swimsuits as much as I do and

end up buying them and my patterns that I plan on selling too.

Winter blahs

I have the winter blahs. Usually this time of year we are heading down to the Florida keys for vacation. But because of the devastating caused by the hurricane, or normal vacation destination spot had been changed, so we decided not to go. So living in northwest Ohio is very depressing in the winter. Especially when you are stuck in bed most days like I am. So I decided to make spring things. Shamrocks, bunnies and sandals. When you can’t get to warmer weather, bring the warmer weather stuff to you. Eh it works a little. Here is the one sandal completed minus the ankle strap…time to start on the second. And yes they will be for sale I just have to figure out a price 😉

Princess at birth

I just found the cutest idea on Pinterest only to find that the pattern is no longer available. So what is one too do? Well look at the picture closely and make your own. I’ve also made a ton of flowers and hearts while chatting with Becky. She was amazed at how fast I can crochet a heart so she timed me. About 3 minutes. Not bad. Wish I’d brought more yarn 😉 Here’s my crowns. One is full size one is minature sized.

Dollar Store Run Time

When I think to organize I think little cute totes and plastic bins. So of course that means Dollar tree time. I plan to get bins for my bows, flowers, buttons and hearts so that people can pick their embellishments for their headbands and newly offered barrettes.

I unfortunately am foregoing the craft show I was planning for this Saturday as I have had a migraine for the past four days. That just gives me more time to get more products made.

Then I am making any even more fun run. Hobby lobby has their yarn on sale! 😍😍😍😍😍 I am in need of cotton yarn and their “I love this cotton yarn” is my favorite. At a dollar off regular price, it’s a steal. Then sometime later I really need to take more inventory pictures and post them., And finish off the embellishments so they are ready to add to whatever… Lots to do today with a migraine. Well time to take a shower then go pick up my steroids so that I will start feeling better I hope.

Whatever strikes my fancy

Whatever strikes my fancy

I really don’t have one particular thing that I prefer to make. I really just make whatever strikes my fancy. Today that happens to be cute little dish scrubbies. So far I’ve made 8 just in the one color of yarn that I bought today, and I still have another color to go. And, nevermind that I’ve only made 1 of a set of slipper boots and I have 2 crafts shows coming up this month. Oh well. I like them and they are so darn cute. Hopefully they will sell good also. Time to go finish off this color yarn. Until next time, happy yarning!