20 Things you always wondered about me and 5 you wish you didn’t know

1. I got married before I graduated from high school by choice.💕

2. I am still married to the same man today.😍

3. My husband and I saw the same person for our first concert, Bryan Adams, though at different times.✌

4. I have seen over 100 bands in concert.🙌

5. I played the cello in the orchestra when I was younger and would love to play again.🎶

6. I am adopted and have reunited with my birth family.🎈🎉🎊✨

7. My dream stationary home is an old farmhouse with a wrap-around porch.👩‍🌾

8. My dream retirement is to travel all over the U.S. and Canada visiting National Parks, Zoos, and Aquariums.🎫🎟🎪

9. My dream retirement home is a 40 foot Diesel Toy Hauler. That way our home is where we and the kids are.🚌

10. I am afraid of heights.🎡

11. But I love roller coasters.🎢

12. The older I’ve gotten, the harder the rock music I listen to has gotten.😎

13. I both knit and crochet and don’t get offended if you can’t tell the difference.🧣

14. My dream car is a 1964 Corvette Stingray.🏎

15. But I drive the truck while Brian drives the small cars.🚙

16. I am so not a girly girly.👗

17. But I do love me my lipsense.💋

18. I have been to 7 countries, but up until 2 years ago none of them were Canada or Mexico. Now I’ve been down south.👙

19. I’ve been to 22 states.🚞

20. I’ve taken an Amtrak train and plan to take one again.🚊

21. I’m so glad the hair on my head grew back in fully, because it didn’t everywhere.👧

22. My tastebuds were changed by chemo. I now like fruity and mildly sour candy, whereas before I was a chocoholic.🎂

23. If money was no object, we would have adopted several kids.👶👶👶👶

24. I didn’t get my first tattoo until I was 39 and it was a week before my mastectomy.😮

25. All my piercings are visible.😉

So what factoid surprised you the most? What did you already know about me?

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