New Years Resolutions and the “New Year, New You” B.S.

We welcomed 2019 in almost a week ago. That means everyone, well most everyone, bought into the making of New Year’s Resolutions or the New Year, New Me bullshit. With disliking the Christmas holiday, I probably dislike New Years almost as much. I bet a full 30% of people have already failed miserably at their resolutions. It really is a crock. I do understand the premise, turning over a new leaf with the start of a new year. I believe though, that the pressure of everyone doing it at the same time creates a competitive atmosphere that dooms a large majority of the people for failure from the start. I will explain.

As humans we are intensely competitive creatures. It’s how we were designed, survival of the fittest. For the large majority of the population though, such stress sets up not a constructive environment, but a destructive one. Many people do not handle scrutiny of progress towards their goals and therefore succumb to failure instead of progressing onto success. On the flip side, a very small minority thrives on the pressure from their peers. This subset needs the whole resolution thing and the accountability of a large number of people to succeed. In my mind this is a false succession because it would not have been achieved on one’s own during any other time of the year.

As for the New Year, New You bullshit…if the New year is the only time that anyone strives to better themselves then we all live in a sad, sad world. You should always be trying to improve and better yourself no matter who is watching and what time of the year it is. If you need the New Year and hundreds of eyes on social media to be watching you make yourself a “new” person, then all you are is a shallow narcissistic person that the world would be better without. I mean seriously. The only person you need to become a better person for is yourself and your family, no one else matters.

That’s my two cents on this whole resolution and, “New Year, New You” B.S.. You may not agree with my views but give them a few seconds of thought. Something I said may resonant with you.

Until later, Lots of Love, Kari

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