Working away

Here I am in the middle of the night working away on my next big project. It’s a secret project for my brother’s wedding present so I can’t spill the beans, but trust me, I’m am dilegently working away on it.

My craft show last week was a bust, even though it was a big venue and had a large flow of people. I was highly disappointed. Plus I was next to a really rude person. She set up some of her items in my space that I had left open as an aisle to get out and around to the front of my tables to either greet guests or straighten items. Every time I went out front and by this ladies stuff she gave me a dirty look. AND she ended up moving it closer to my stuff after I complained to Brian about her being in my space! Then when it was time to leave she purposefully placed her stuff so I couldn’t get out to break down my tables. I circumvented her by sending Kaylee out. That kid just jumped right over her shit like it wasn’t there. I couldn’t help but laugh. People I tell you, karma will bite you in the ass.

I have one last craft show before Christmas. It’s a 2 day event. A friend of mine says it’s slow and not worth your time. I hope she’s wrong. We will see. I really need to get my ETSY store of the ground. Then I would be set. I’m thinking of changing my focus from hats and doll clothes to specialty hats, I got a cute book with animal hats, outfits for first infant photos and dog clothes and goodies. What do y’all think?

Until next time, Kari

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